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What is the role of high-dose melphalan with autologous stem cell transplant (ASCT) in 2017?
In this week’s video, Dr. Brian Durie discusses the value of ASCT even with the use of newer drug regimens. BOTTOM LINE: ​ We still value high-dose melphalan with ASCT in 2017. Have a question?(...)
Which type of chromosome damage can predispose a family member to myeloma?
In this week’s video, Dr. Brian Durie explains how certain variations in genes may predispose a person to myeloma. BOTTOM LINE: ​Stay tuned to learn the latest on research regarding myeloma(...)
What is the best way to manage recurrent lung infections?
In this week’s video, Dr. Brian Durie explains some the different causes of lung infections and how to possibly treat each kind. BOTTOM LINE: ​ Discuss with your doctor how to treat recurrent lung(...)
If frontline therapies do not produce a full response, will ASCT do so?
In this week’s video, Dr. Brian Durie answers a patient’s concern about when and if to undergo an ASCT. BOTTOM LINE: ​ Talk to your doctors about all the risks versus benefits of an ASCT in your case(...)
Is a low white blood cell count common in smoldering multiple myeloma?
​In this week’s video, Dr. Brian Durie explores the complications that can occur during the MGUS and smoldering myeloma stages of disease. BOTTOM LINE: Discuss any complications with your doctor,(...)
What diet do you recommend?
In this week’s video, Dr. Brian G.M. Durie explains the importance of eating real food as opposed to eating too much sugar and/or processed food. . BOTTOM LINE: ​ To avoid anxiety about your diet,(...)