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What exactly is high-risk myeloma and how should it be treated?
In this week’s video, Dr. Brian Durie discusses why the ideal therapy for high-risk myeloma is still unknown, but presents options for treatment. BOTTOM LINE: ​ Because of the different types of high(...)
If my myeloma is in remission and my IgG myeloma protein has spiked, why is my doctor not recommending any new treatment?
In this week’s video, Dr. Brian GM Durie explains two treatment approaches if you are in remission and your myeloma protein spikes.
Living Well with Myeloma: Nutrition
Register for this FREE 45-minute “Living Well with Myeloma” teleconference followed by a 15-minute Q&A from callers, on Thursday, June 1st at 7 PM ET / 4 PM PT. The topic will be Nutrition,(...)
Does using daratumumab make response-monitoring difficult?
In this week’s video, Dr. Brian Durie explains how daratumumab may interfere with response-monitoring and with blood transfusions for myeloma patients. BOTTOM LINE: ​ If you are taking dara, discuss(...)
Can myeloma cells be detected in the blood instead of the bone marrow?
In this week’s video, Dr. Brian Durie sheds light on advances in testing for myeloma cells in the blood. The BOTTOM LINE: Using blood instead of bone marrow to test for myeloma cells may become(...)
How do the new guidelines on X-rays and scans affect my testing and monitoring?
In this week’s video, Dr. Brian Durie explains the best uses for whole-body, low-dose CT scans as well as MRIs for myeloma patients. BOTTOM LINE: Discuss which types of scans and X-rays will be used(...)