Myeloma Today Summer 2010 Volume 8 Issue 3

Dear Reader 

A Message from the President

Scientific & Clinical

  •  Cure versus Control: Myeloma Today in conversation with Dr. S. Vincent Rajkumar
  •  Induction Therapy Prior to Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation: Myeloma Today in conversation with Prof. Antonio Palumbo

Education and Awareness

  • Annual Budget and Appropriations Process Begins
  • NIH Testifies About FY 2011 Research Budget
  • Myeloma Awareness Month and Beyond
  • Support Group Leaders fight for access to treatment – The Oral Drug Reimbursement Parity
  • Support Group Leaders go to Capitol Hill
  •  IMF Patient & Family Seminar: A newly diagnosed patient shares her first IMF seminar experience

Nurse Leadership Board

  • Report on Recent NLB Activities: Myeloma Today in conversation with Joseph D. Tariman, PhC, MN, APRN,BC, OCN, PhD (c)

Supportive Care

  • Mobility and Safety in the Multiple Myeloma Survivor: Myeloma Today in conversation with Sandra Rome, RN, MN, AOCN
  • IMF Hotline Coordinators Answer Your Questions: "I have recently become somewhat computer literate and am wondering what information you provide via computer other than your website?"

Support Groups

  •  People Helping People
  • Central Florida Multiple Myeloma Support Group Takes Action
  • Primera Reunión del Grupo de Soporte de Mieloma – Los Angeles (en español)
  • 2010 IMF Annual Support Group Leaders’ Retreat

International Affiliates

  • Australia: National Myeloma Day

Investing in the Future

  • Myeloma Today in Conversation with Allan Weinstein

Patient & Caregiver Experience

  • "Bolt from the Blue"' by Charty Bassett

Member Events

  •  IMFers Raise Funds to Benefit Myeloma Community
  • Michael McKean’s “Jeopardy!” triumph creates the largest single donation ever for the IMF
  • Fishing for a Cure
  • Upcoming Member Events
  • Cell Phones for a Cure

Letters to the IMF

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