February 9, 2024 — You may have seen this renowned actor on NBC's "Law & Order." Or perhaps you've listened to his music on your playlists. But did you know that songwriter, actor, producer, and well-known artist Ice-T is on a mission to help raise awareness of multiple myeloma in the African American community? In case you missed it, during the week of February 5th, Ice-T's visage was displayed on the NASDAQ sign in the center of Times Square in New York City. 

In a gripping PSA as an alert to the African American community, Ice-T asked, "What if I were to tell you that myeloma is the most common blood cancer in African Americans? It hits our community hard. It's time we come together to educate ourselves and fight for our community. Know the signs. Know the symptoms."


 See the video with Ice-T, live from Times Square. 


After that bird's eye view, delve a little closer and listen as Ice-T amplifies the IMF's mission:



And, don't miss 'Reporters' Oya Gilbert and Carri Helman, a myeloma patient and care partner, as they share an 'IMF Exclusive from 43rd St.'




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