Designed for those seeking support and more information in smaller communities, IMF Regional Community Workshops offer families a condensed version of the full Patient & Family Seminar at no charge.

They usually take place on Saturdays from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.  
Lunch and refreshments are provided. 

Please note: We are excited to be back in-person again for many of our events, including IMF Regional Community Workshops. Masks are not required at these events, but you may feel free to do what is most comfortable for you. We will continue to provide masks on-site for those who wish to use them.

Why attend an IMF Regional Community Workshop?

Maybe you live too far away from a metropolitan hub. That’s why the IMF hosts Regional Community Workshops. Seating is limited at these workshops to only 75–100 attendees. For that reason, patients gain one-on-one interactions with myeloma experts during the meetings.

In this video, Kelly Cox, IMF Director of Regional Community Workshops and Support Groups, shares his passion for helping myeloma patients.



Kelly Cox
Kelly Cox
IMF Director Support Groups and Senior Director of Regional Community Workshops
“We have a seat for every person that’s dealing with myeloma, whether they want to deal with it or not: I have a seat for them.”

I’m about to attend an IMF Regional Community Workshop. What should I know in advance?

At each IMF Regional Community Workshop, myeloma experts present slides of topics such as multiple myeloma 101, treatment for newly diagnosed patients, treatment for relapsed and refractory patients, maintenance therapy, and more. Before attending a Regional Community Workshop, we encourage you to review the slides below. They are listed according to location and by myeloma expert.

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Patient and Family Webinars

The IMF hosts educational Patient and Family Webinars to enable patients and their families to learn about the latest developments in myeloma from a panel of world-renowned myeloma experts.

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