IMF Visits Iceland on 1st Anniversary of iStopMM Launch

  • IMF team at Biobank
    November 14, 2017

    IMF Visits Iceland on 1st Anniversary of iStopMM Launch


The Newsroom

On the 1st anniversary of the 2016 launch of the iStopMM* research study, the IMF met with the project’s research team for a status report.

This Black Swan Research-supported project is the largest population-based myeloma study ever attempted. The new iStopMM clinic is now open for business at the University of Iceland. To date, 77,777 Icelanders over age 40 have registered. That’s more than half of all Icelanders over 40! 

Can myeloma be prevented? The iStopMM researchers are unlocking data that will help reveal the causes of this disease. This past weekend’s meeting included presentations and discussions of trends so far, benchmarks achieved, challenges, and surprises. Also, attendees visited the newly opened iStopMM Clinic, looking ahead at work plans for Year Two— which will include clinical trials.

*iStopMM is an acronym for Iceland Screens, Treats, Or Prevents Multiple Myeloma.