Virtual Webinar on How The Future is Looking Bright for Myeloma Patients

Virtual Myeloma Webinar on Promising New Therapies For Myeloma Patients


Myeloma Experts From Across the Nation Share News on CAR T-Cell Therapy, Provide Updates on the COVID-19 Vaccines, and More.


This IMF Patient & Family Webinar features exciting, late-breaking news about CAR T-cell and other promising therapies: Who are the likely candidates for these treatments and how can eligible patients access them? Dr. Durie shares important updates on COVID-19 vaccines and variants. For newly diagnosed patients, “Myeloma 101” offers a simple introduction to what can be a complex disease, while a myeloma patient shares personal insights.

Addressing Patient Questions:

Our expert panel answers questions on what to do when myeloma comes back, how to stay safe during a COVID-19 summer, and more.  Some questions addressed in this webinar include: Should patients continue to conduct meetings with friends, family, and healthcare professional virtually when possible? How do myeloma patients respond to the COVID-19 vaccines? Should patients go in to the clinic to receive their treatment? and more.

Speakers and Topics:

Brian G.M. Durie, MD
IMF Chairman of the Board
Cedars-Sinai Samuel Oschin Cancer Center

Myeloma 101 & COVID 19: Vaccine & Variant Update

Maddie Hunter
Patient Advocate

Navigating the Journey: A Patient's Perspective

Thomas Martin, MD
University of California San Francisco

CAR T: Using Your Own Immune System to Fight Myeloma

Nikhil Munshi, MD
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Treatment When Myeloma Comes Back

Patricia Mangan, RN, MSN, APRN-BC
University of Pennsylvania

Supportive Care Updates: COVID, CAR T & More


This Webinar Includes the Following Segments:

Myeloma 101

In his Myeloma 101 presentation, Dr. Brian G.M. Durie highlights how multiple myeloma is a highly treatable disease with over 90% of patients responding to the current treatments available. In 2021, the average patient survival is 7-10 years, with some patients living over 15-20 years. He also addresses when smoldering myeloma patients should begin treatment, as well as recommended therapies for high-risk smoldering multiple myeloma patients (HRSMM). He discusses essential tests for diagnosing and monitoring myeloma, and more.

COVID 19: Vaccine & Variant Update

Dr. Durie provides an update to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. He addresses the latest news on COVID-19 vaccines, as well as the emerging disease variants. He provides safety recommendations for myeloma patients and outlines the importance of getting vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

Navigating the Journey: A Patient's Perspective

Patient Advocate Maddie Hunter brings a patient's perspective on how to navigate a myeloma diagnosis. Drawing on her personal experience of living with multiple myeloma for over 20 years, she provides insights for staying grounded, the benefit of support groups, the importance of nourishing one's body, and using her passions as fuel in her myeloma journey.

CAR T: Using Your Own Immune System to Fight Myeloma

In this presentation on emerging immune therapies, Dr. Thomas Martin answers the question: What is a CAR T-cell? He breaks down the process of how CAR T cells are used to fight myeloma, and how this type of therapy uses a patient's own immune system to target myeloma. He also discusses the side effects of CAR T-cell therapies as well as the reason why such side effects occur. Dr. Martin also outlines other emerging immune therapies on the horizon.

Treatment When Myeloma Comes Back

Dr.Nikhil Munshi goes over what it means to be relapsed/refractory and what treatment options are available to relapsed patients. He discusses what doctors' consider when selecting a new treatment for patients, as well as what factors can influence this decision. Dr. Munshi touches on the major advances in myeloma treatment and how there have been 14 new myeloma-drugs in the last 15 years alone.

Supportive Care Updates: COVID, CAR T & More

Patricia Mangan presents updates in supportive care for patients. She details how patients can communicate effectivelywith their healthcare team, the importance of being an informed patient, and how myeloma and myeloma treatments both contribute to how patients feel.

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Additional Resources:

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