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For more information, please contact

Hugh Schaffer 513-289-6842

Dr. Chris Meier 513-240-9195

Group E-mail: [email protected]


If unable to attend in person, a virtual option is available.

Meeting time3rd Thursday of each month, except December, from 6:30 - 8:00 PM EST
Meeting Location The Cancer Support Community
4918 Cooper Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242
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39.2305838, -84.3731171

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Most people will be traveling on I-71 to the meeting. Exit on Ronald Reagan Highway (west) and then take the Blue Ash Road/Kenwood Road exit. Turn left onto Kenwood Road, then right onto Cooper Road. Go through the first traffic light and past the Post Office. Turn left onto Monroe Avenue to enter the parking lot.


Upcoming events

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Aug 16
IMF Patient and Family Seminar 2024 — Los Angeles, CA
August 16, 2024 12:00 pm PST

Support Group Events

Feb 20
Cincinnati Monthly Meeting
February 20, 2025 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm EST
Mar 20
Cincinnati Monthly Meeting
March 20, 2025 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm EST
Apr 17
Cincinnati Monthly Meeting
April 17, 2025 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm EST
May 15
Cincinnati Monthly Meeting
May 15, 2025 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm EST
Jun 19
Cincinnati Monthly Meeting
June 19, 2025 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm EST
Jul 17
Cincinnati Monthly Meeting
July 17, 2025 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm EST
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We are an informational and networking group composed of interested patients, partners, caregivers, family and friends living in the greater Tri-State area surrounding metro Cincinnati. Our mission is to share knowledge and to provide an environment of hope for those facing the challenges of myeloma. We focus on encouraging one another to continue to embrace the positive moments and joyous aspects of our lives, and to not forget that humor can be a respite and a true health enhancer.

The Cincinnati Area Multiple Myeloma Support Group was started by Bill Jackson, who was a myeloma patient. The group has met monthly since January 2007 and continues to grow in membership as patients, family and friends become aware of its existence.

Bill started the support group because none existed in Cincinnati, and he had experienced the benefits of a support group in the Chicago area. Realizing that Multiple Myeloma represents less than 1% of cancers, there is a major need for patients, family members and friends to share information and learn more about the disease, its implications, complications and therapeutic treatment alternatives.

Knowledge is Power. The availability of information and sharing of experiences is comforting, especially to newly diagnosed patients. Discussions provide each of us with a deeper understanding of myeloma resulting in an increased ability to more effectively manage our health and our battle with this insidious disease.

Multiple Myeloma with all of its implications is the antithesis of fun, and the disease affects everyone in similar yet different ways. Meeting and talking with others who are willing to share similar experiences helps us all work our way through the many challenges until a cure is finally available.

You are always welcome to attend any of our monthly networking meetings.


Past Topics

  • Barb Sarbaugh, OTR, MA, ret on Avoiding Falls
  • Tom Arnold, Exercises for Cancer Patients
  • Drs. Anaissie and Medlin, UC Treatment and Transplant Center
  • Lyn Sontag, Psychologist for the Transplant Unit at Jewish Hospital talked on “The Love Connection: Changes in Relationships with Myeloma”
  • Chris Meier, MD, Family Practioner and fellow Myeloma survivor, was back by popular demand to instruct us on “Reading Lab Report.”
  • Robin Tuohy, Patient Support coordinator for the International Myeloma Foundation  on Patient Issues and Support (Oct., 2011)
  • Jackie Personett, Coordinator for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on Assistance Available from the L&L Society (Nov., 2011)
  • Millennium’s Ambassador program and Take Your Best Shot program (with Jim Bond, 20-year-survivor)
  • Rafat Abonour, MD, Myeloma Specialist from Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Onyx Presentation on Carfilzomib
  • Kyphoplasty – Christopher Mc Pherson, MD
  • Medicare and Social Security Issues – Sue Denny, Social Security Public Affairs Specialist
  • Current Transplant Alternatives – Larry Brennan, MD
  • Celgene Therapy (Jilliam Fahey, Patient Support Coordinator)
  • Pain Management (Richard Ernst, MD)
  • Separate Patient Discussion Group and Caregiver Discussion Group Sessions, led by IMF Specialists
  • Current Therapies and a Decision Process for Determining Options (Edward J. Crane, MD)
  • How to use Myeloma Manager (Hugh Schaffer)
  • Integrative Therapies and Personal Relaxation Techniques (Mary Anne Martz and Susie Schreiber)
  • Richard O’Hara from the Binding Site, Inc. on “An Analysis of Lab Results Specific to the Light Chain Assays.”
  • A Nurse’s Perspective on Clinical Issues Regarding Patients (Ginger Love, RN)
  • Nutrition for Oncology Patients (Kathy Cooley)
  • Myeloma-Induced Vertebral Compression Fractures (Christopher McPherson, MD)
  • An Orientation to the Services of the Wellness Center (Bonnie Crawford)
  • Stress Management (Bonnie Crawford)
  • An Overview of the International Myeloma Foundation and Its Many Services (Andy Lebkuecher)
  • Massage Therapy (Elle Lewellen, Certified Massage & Lymphedema Therapist)
  • How to Read and Understand Your Lab Reports (Becky Bolt, RN and Ginger Love, RN)
  • Medicines Used During a Stem Cell Transplant (Michael Bradley, Pharm D)
  • Issues Related to Clinical Trials, Future Expectations for Stem Cell Transplants, & Seeking Supplemental Opinions (Craig Hofmeister, MD)
  • Myeloma-related Issues and Trends (Robin Touhy and Joanie Borbely, IMF Support Group Coordinators)
  • Pain Management (Karl Jackson)
  • Pain Management and Acupuncture – Dr. Peter Sheng
  • Osteonecrosis – Dr. J. David Morrison, DDS
  • Patient Issues in Myeloma Treatment, including Neuropathy – Kitty Tierney, RN and Becky Bolt, RN
  • Ostenecrosis of the Jaw – Eugenia Roberts, DDS
  • Reading Lab Reports – Dr. Chris Meier
  • Latest Developments in Diagnosing and Treating Individuals According to their Own Specific Myeloma Abnormailties – Dr. Elias Anaissie
  • Understanding Social Security Coverage Options – Brent Evans
  • Kyprolis – Julie Butt, RN