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For more information, please contact

Kay Cromie 802-655-9136 

JoAnn Nielson, RN 802-847-5649

E-mail: [email protected]

We are currently meeting only virtually. If you would like to attend a virtual meeting, please contact Kay or JoAnn by e-mail: [email protected]


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Aug 16
IMF Patient and Family Seminar 2024 — Los Angeles, CA
August 16, 2024 12:00 pm PST
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About Us


Our mission is to provide support for Myeloma survivors and caregivers and to provide education on our disease to each other as well as the general public.

How We Fulfill Our Mission

We have a support group of people who have been directly impacted by Myeloma.  We share our personal experiences with each other because we all know to some degree what the rest of the group is going through.  It is a unique friendship and support that you can only get from talking to another survivor or caregiver.


We want Myeloma survivors to gain perspective and be appreciative for the gift of life.  We want to help make the journey easier by being there for each other and knowing we are not alone in this.  We can help each other achieve a good quality of life in spite of the obstacles we have been given.


We meet once a month, we work to meet the needs of our survivors and caregivers.  We talk about our different treatments and their side effects.  We discuss how best to cope with them and what to expect.  We use the collaborative efforts of the group to help each other that our situation and our feelings are not unique.  We use each other for advice and information to help us get through this ordeal.

This website is for both the Northeast NY and Burlington VT Support Groups.