Kansas Area Virtual Myeloma Workshop

Virtual Multiple Myeloma Workshop Focusing on Communities in Kansas

What Is Included in This Virtual Myeloma Workshop?

This International Myeloma Foundation Regional Community Workshop is a virtual workshop that offers myeloma patients and caregivers up-to-the-minute information about multiple myeloma. Topics include an introduction to myeloma (Myeloma 101), upfront treatments at diagnosis, maintenance therapy, relapse information, and an update on clinical trials. Also, a member of the IMF Nurse Leadership Board will talk about managing side effects and symptoms of myeloma and treatments.

This Workshop Focuses on Needs of Communities Located in Kansas and the surrounding areas.

The panelists includes myeloma experts from the University of Kansas Cancer Center and an IMF NLB member who address questions posed by multiple myeloma patients and caregivers from support groups in Kansas and the surrounding areas. Some Questions answered in this workshop include: Are there new treatment options for smoldering myeloma patients who are not considered high risk? What is the difference between low-risk smoldering and high-risk smoldering multiple myeloma? What are the factors that determine if a patient is transplant-eligible? Could CAR T-cell therapy be used as a front line treatment? And more.

Speakers and Topics:

Kelly Cox, Senior Director
Regional Community Workshops
International Myeloma Foundation

Welcome and Announcements

Siddhartha Ganguly, MD
The University of Kansas Cancer Center

Myeloma 101 and Frontline Therapy

Al-Ola Abdallah, MD
The University of Kansas Cancer Center

Relapsed Therapy and Clinical Trials

Kevin Brigle, PhD, NP
VCU Massey Cancer Center

How to Manage Myeloma Symptoms and Side Effects

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Workshop Topic Details:

Myeloma 101 and Frontline Therapy

Siddhartha Ganguly, MD (University of Kansas Cancer Center) reviews multiple myeloma basics including what myeloma is, common symptoms and side effects, advances in how myeloma is initially diagnosed, the stages of myeloma treatment, induction therapy, transplant, and more. 

Relapsed Therapy and Clinical Trials

Al-Ola Abdallah, MD (University of Kansas Cancer Center) discusses the types of relapsed disease, what doctors consider when selecting a treatment regimen, relapsed/refractory treatment options, how doctors treat triple and penta-class refractory myeloma, updates on clinical trials, and more. 

How to Manage Symptoms and Side Effects

Kevin Brigle, PhD, NP (VCU Massey Cancer Center) discusses how patients can manage myeloma-related symptoms and side effects along with side effects brought on by treatment. He outlines the most common side effects for each myeloma drug category, how to prevent infection, and more.

Workshop Resources:

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