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The International Myeloma Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of multiple myeloma patients while working toward
prevention and a cure through our four founding principles: Research, Education, Support, and Advocacy.

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Week in Review by Dr. Brian Durie
Week in Review by Dr. Brian Durie

Need to stay informed about the news that impacts myeloma patients, but don’t have time to read everything out there? Then be sure to follow Dr. Brian Durie’s Week in Review blog. The leading myeloma expert and IMF Chairman of the Board drills down on a wide range of topics – from the latest myeloma research results to the environmental issues that offer insight into prevention. He sifts through the data to deliver the bottom line.

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Let Your Voice Be Heard Through Advocacy
Advocate for critical health issues that affect the myeloma community.
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Apply your skills by creating or joining a fundraising campaign
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The support of loved ones allows us to continue to fund efforts to search for a cure. Check out how Fundraisers are helping in the fight against myeloma.

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