Updated results of a phase 1, first-in-human study of talquetamab in relapsed refractory multiple myeloma

Dr. Jesus Berdeja on a Phase 1 Talquetamab Study

What is the background of this study? 

New immunotherapy targets in multiple myeloma are needed as patients  continue to relapse. The orphan receptor GPRC5D is expressed on malignant plasma cells in myeloma. Talquetamab (JNJ-64407564) is a bispecific IgG4 antibody that redirects T-cell killing to multiple myeloma cells by binding to the novel target, GPRC5D, and CD3.   

In this video: 

Dr. Jesus Berdeja (Sarah Cannon Center for Blood Cancers, Nashville, TN, USA)  presents updated results of patients treated at the recommended phase II dose in the first-in-human phase I study of talquetamab. Eligible patients had multiple myeloma and were relapsed, refractory or intolerant to established therapies. This study sought to identify the phase II dose (part 1) and characterize safety and tolerability of talquetamab at the phase II dose (part 2). 


Talquetamab at the phase II dose (weekly 1500 µg/kg subcutaneous) was well-tolerated and showed encouraging efficacy with durable, deepening responses, supporting further investigation as monotherapy and in combination with other agents. With the extended exposure profile at the phase II dose and delayed and low-grade cytokine release syndrome observed with subcutaneous (SC) administration, alternative SC dosing strategies are being explored. 

Clinical Trial Information: NCT03399799


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