Virtual Webinar On Building Your Resilience During Challenging Times

A Virtual Webinar on How Myeloma Patients Can Build Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A Coaching Approach to Building Personal Resilience.

In this special virtual presentation, IMF Chairman of the Board Dr. Brian G.M. Durie and Dr. Susan Dunnett, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, discuss the importance of personal resilience, or the capacity to adapt and overcome challenges.

The panelists address questions posed by viewers who participated in the live webinar. Questions include: How can I build resilience when I'm not allowed to visit with friends and family? What activities can an elderly myeloma patient who lives alone do to de-stress? And, How can I nurture resilience when I'm discouraged daily?

Speakers and Topics:

Brian G.M. Durie, MD
IMF Chairman of the Board

What Is Resilience?
Types and Sources of Resilience
Coaching Your Resilience

Susan Dunnett, PhD
University of Edinburgh in Scotland


Workshop Topic Details:

What Is Resilience?

Simply put, resilience is the capacity to adapt in the face of adversity, trauma and stress.

Types and Sources of Resilience

In this segment, the panelists discuss three common sources of resilience: Emotional, mental, and physical.

Coaching Your Resilience

Coaching is about using reflection to gain clarity, to identify barriers, and to set out steps to meet goals. It works by asking simple questions to identify and create actions for change.

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