Denise Brunson

Physically abused by her partner in October of 2013, Denise Brunson went to the hospital to treat those injuries—so much more was revealed to her. In a matter of days, she pressed charges against her assailant; and unfortunately, she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Having undergone two stem cell transplants and now on carfilzomib maintenance, Denise has found her inner strength to help others.  As she explains, she needed someone, “to help me, to support me, to navigate everything, to go through this piece by piece: this is what I had to do on my own.” Because of her journey, she now facilitates a myeloma support group in Aurora, Illinois. She started the support group through the help of the IMF. Or, as Denise shares, “The whole process of the International Myeloma Foundation is not a Foundation; it gives you a big hug.”