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Why do my kappa and lambda levels stay low even with treatment?
In this video, Dr. Brian GM Durie explains why kappa and lambda levels typically decrease for myeloma patients. BOTTOM LINE: ​ While lambda and kappa levels may lower, it’s usually not concerning.(...)
Do lytic lesions in the spine ever go away?
In this video, Dr. Brian Durie explains how holes in the bone may partially heal, but these holes do not fully recover.
Which type of chromosome damage causes myeloma?
In this video, Dr. Brian Durie explains why the types of chromosome damage that cause myeloma are often subtle and hard to detect.
Can MGUS be linked to kidney problems?
In this video, Dr. Brian Durie explains that even when a patient has MGUS, which is typically a benign stage in myeloma, problems can emerge.
After relapse on CyBorD, what options are recommended?
In this video, Dr. Brian Duries shares different treatment options that may be available to a myeloma patient for whom CyBorD has not been effective.
What were some of the key takeaways from ASH 2016 for patients?
In this week’s video, Dr. Brian Durie identifies key takeaways for myeloma patients from the ASH 2016 abstracts. BOTTOM LINE: Look for ASH abstract summaries at myeloma.org, in the upcoming Myeloma(...)