Summer 2016 Volume 16, Issue 3

Dear Reader

  • A message from IMF President Susie Novis

Scientific & Clinical

  • Myeloma Experts of the IMWG Tackle Soaring Costs of Care
  • The Most Important Questions Facing Myeloma Experts in 2016
  • ASCO 2016: Excitement About Daratumumab, Concern Over Value and Cost of Myeloma Treatment

2016 Robert A. Kyle Achievement Awards

  • IMF Honors Dr. S. Vincent Rajkumar

Nurse Leadership Board

  • ONS 2016 Satellite Symposium

Education & Awareness

  • Reading Medical Journalism
  • Los Angeles Patient & Family Seminar
  • New IMF Publications


  • Gaining a Global Perspectie on Myeloma Patient Issues
  • Susie Novis Durie Educational Grants Awarded
  • Expert Meetings in China
  • Patient Meetings Across Europe


  • Advocates in the Spotlight:  John Killip and Tom Hardy
  • Federal Oral Parity Bills Gain Momentum

A Patient's Perspective

  • Yelak Biru: 20-year Myeloma Survivor Share His Story

Member Events

  • 2016 Mike Kubik Memorial Golf Tournament

Staff Updates

2016 IMF Calendar of Events