Spring 2016 Volume 16, Issue 2

Dear Reader

  • A message from IMF President Susie Novis

Scientific & Clinical

  • IMF Funds First Large-Scale Screening to Identify and Treat Precursor of Blood Cancer before Disease Develops
  • Promising 2016 Clinical Trials

Education & Awareness

  • Four New Myeloma Drugs - What now?

Support Groups

  • Myeloma Action Month

Nurse Leadership Board

  • JADPRO Publishes the NLB’s Advanced Practitioner’s Guide to Multiple Myeloma


  • 2016 Patient Meetings across Europe
  • GMAN Members Hold Year-Round Activities


  • IMF and PEAC Hit the Hill

Special Honor

  • City of Los Angeles Proclaims “International Myeloma Foundation Day”

Member Events

  • TEAM IMF Races toward a Cure in the Los Angeles Marathon and 5k

Staff Updates

2016 IMF Calendar of Events

New and Updated 2016 IMF Publications