International Partners

Myeloma Australia

The Foundation’s mission is to facilitate myeloma research in Australia, to support and inform those living with the disease and educate those involved in its care and treatment. We are determined to raise community awareness and understanding of myeloma and to improve patient access to the latest treatments at affordable prices.

Myeloma Canada

Myeloma Canada is the only national organization that is uniquely devoted to the Canadian myeloma community. Our affiliation with the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF), the world’s oldest and largest myeloma patient organization, enables access to a global network of expertise and resources. 

Myeloma China

On September 9, 2010, the International Myeloma Foundation signed a cooperative agreement with the Chinese Health Promotion Foundation (CHPF), an agency that operates under the Chinese Ministry of Health, to promote awareness of myeloma in China and to encourage measures to prevent and combat the disease. This agreement substantially expands IMF’s presence in Asia and will support the thousands of myeloma patients in China.

Czech Myeloma Group

The Czech Myeloma Group (CMG) was established in 1996. The main objective of CMG is to organize and coordinate research and clinical activities in the Czech Republic in the area of multiple myeloma. It ensures that the best current standards of care for patients with multiple myeloma are met. Its clinical studies provide the Czech patients with multiple myeloma the access to the latest experimental treatments in the field.

Myeloma Patients Europe

Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE) is an umbrella organisation of myeloma patient groups and associations from across Europe. MPE was formed following the merger in 2011 of the European Myeloma Platform and Myeloma Euronet.

AMEN Association

AMEN – the Israeli association of Myeloma patients, was established on 2005 by Multiple Myeloma patients for the sake of Israeli  MM patients  and their family members.

IMF Japan

IMF Latin America

The IMF Latin America was founded by Christine Jerez Telles Battistini, daughter of a patient with multiple myeloma, who fought for years the tough battle against the disease and Dra. Vania Tietsche de Moraes Hungary, medical hematologist, Director of the medical Clinic San Germano and member of the Scientific Council of the International myeloma foundation since 1998.