A Promising Future for Treating Multiple Myeloma with Bispecific Antibodies


  • Donna Catamero, ANP-BC, OCN, CCRC (The Mount Sinai Health System, IMF Nurse Leadership)
  • Tom Martin, MD (University of California San Francisco)

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What to Expect 

To ensure patients and care partners better understand the promising future in bispecific therapies, please tune in to this Live Webinar to hear from myeloma experts as they cover key questions, concerns, and highlights.

Through this virtual seminar, you will learn more and gain a better understanding of the following:

  • What is Immunotherapy?
  • What are monoclonal antibodies?
  • What is CAR T-cell therapy?
  • What are Bispecific Antibodies and how do they work? o Are there different types of Bi-specifics?
    • How are bi-specific therapies administered?
    • What are the advantages of bi-specific therapies? o What are the side effects of bi-specifics and how are side effects managed?
  • Can they be administered in combination?
  • Where in the treatment paradigm will they be used?

The Living Well with Myeloma Webinar will conclude with a summary discussion and a Live Audience Q&A.

At the end of the presentations, participants will have time to ask questions.

You will not want to miss this lively webinar!


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The IMF thanks the following event sponsors for their generous support:
Bristol Myers Squibb, Janssen, and Takeda Oncology


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