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People with multiple myeloma are living longer with improved treatments. Thus, proper health maintenance practices are increasingly important. Provided are resources and information to assist multiple myeloma health care providers in navigating patients’ long-term health care.

Important components of cancer survivorship include: 

  • Monitoring for recurrence
  • Managing psychosocial effects
  • Patient health education on potential effects and daily health maintenance
  • Encouraging age appropriate screenings (eg hypertension, diabetes)
  • Screening recommendations for secondary cancers
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Resources to assist with financial and insurance issues
  • Empowering the patient to advocate for their own needs

Survivorship Care Guidelines Consensus Statement

A Study on the Lack of Health Maintenance and its Implications in Multiple Myeloma by the Nurse Leadership Board showed that being employed and married or partnered both correlated with better health maintenance for males; no correlation was found for females.

More information about side effect management and psychosocial concerns throughout the disease continuum is available at the NLB Resource - Managing Complications and Side Effects.

The Oncology Nursing Society has a short video for nurses and advanced practitioners on guiding patients through advanced care planning.

Patient Resources

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Pets in the Household

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Comprised of oncology-certified nurses, the Nurse Leadership Board has extensive knowledge of the multiple myeloma treatment and care landscape. These resources were developed by their team.

Last Medical Content Review: November 5, 2021

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