Myeloma Minute: Downside of Crowdfunding

Downside of Crowdfunding

When teachers have to resort to crowdfunding to pay for basic school supplies, something’s gone terribly wrong. In his blog this week, IMF Chairman Dr. Brian Durie looks at the downside of this popular fundraising technique—which is “awesome” for certain projects, but can be “awful” for the public good, especially to fund research. To read the blog, please click HERE.

Myeloma ACTION Month is Going Strong

On March 1st, the International Myeloma Foundation launched Myeloma ACTION Month, and asked our supporters to get involved by taking simple actions both online and in their communities. Examples of some of the actions that you can take are available at the IMF’s Myeloma ACTION Month website. We are excited to hear how you are making change happen in your community. To share your action, click HERE. It will inspire others to join in, and move us that much closer to finding the cure!

CURE Magazine Spotlights IMF Co-Founder and President Susie Novis Durie

CURE magazine shares the story of IMF President Susie Novis Durie’s work to lead the IMF to where it is today. As CURE says, the IMF has become “an international powerhouse in cancer advocacy.” To learn about the IMF’s journey, click HERE.

It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's a "Crazy Guy on a Bike"

Andy Sninsky, a stage III multiple myeloma patient, will begin retracing his “across the globe” bicycle journey that he made in 1968 when he was 19. You might think he’s crazy, but he’s been in complete response since 2008. This March he will hop on his bicycle and ride from Houston, Texas, to New Orleans, Louisiana. During his ride, Andy plans to attend support group meetings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Jackson, Mississippi. For Andy, this portion of the ride is just the beginning. His ride is a 4,226-mile adventure, biking coast to coast, and then embarking on a bicycle ride throughout Europe. Click HERE to read about Andy, the self-described “Crazy Guy on a Bike.”

Laugh It Up with a Night of Comedy in Staten Island, New York

The Staten Island Multiple Myeloma Support Group presents “A Night of Comedy” at the Loony Bin Comedy Club at 141 East Service Road, Staten Island, New York on Friday, March 18, 2016 at 8:00 PM ET. (Doors open at 7 PM ET.) This special evening of comedy benefits the International Myeloma Foundation. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased HERE. To learn more about the event, contact Laura Mooney at (917) 715-9665 or [email protected].

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