Myeloma Today Summer 2005 Volume 6 Issue 5

Dear Reader

  • A Message from the President

Scientific & Clinical 

  • IMF Launches Bank On a Cure
  • Revlimid Where Do We Stand?
  • Bortezomib as Treatment as MM: Analysis of Efficacy and Toxicity
  • Update on VELCADE (bortezomib) for Injection

IMF Special Event

  • Robert A. Kyle Lifetime Achievement Award: Kenneth C. Anderson, MD

Supportive Care

  • Nutrition with Cancer: Increasing Calories and Protein
  • IMF Hotline Coordinators Answer Your Questions

Education, Advocacy, and Awareness

  • IMF's CDC Initiative
  • Chicago IMF Patient & Family Seminar
  • Atlanta IMF Patient & Family Seminar
  • Cancer, Civil Rights, and Political Placebos

Meet the IMF

  • Allan Weinstein Joins the IMF Board of Directors

Member Events

  • 6th annual "J.C." Golf Tournament
  • 2nd annual Leona Cravotta Memorial Golf Tournament 
  • Tony & Kendra Goffredo and Kayla & Antony Tenboer
  • 2nd Annual Ride for the Cure
  • Patient Perspective
  • A Conversation with Tim and Donna Egan
  • Cancer Etiquette
  • Reflections on Myeloma

Letters to the IMF

  • IMF Around the Globe
  • Japan and Latin America

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