Myeloma Today Winter 2013/2014 Volume 9 Issue 1

Dear Reader: 

  • A message from IMF President Susie Novis

Scientific & Clinical: 

  • Black Swan Research Initiative Moves Into High Gear
  • Highlights from the 2013 American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting
  • The IMF at ASH 2013
  • IMWG Conference Series
  • Web Interviews
  • 2014 IMF Research Grants

Nurse Leadership Board 

  • NLB Ninth Annual Meeting

Education & Awareness

  • IMF Inspires Patient Advocates in South Korea
  • Advocates From 10 Countries Convene in New Orleans
  • IMF, PEAC win bipartisan support for new Senate legislation
  • IMF leads efforts to help patients access affordable treatments

International Meetings

  • Rome: Patient & Family Seminar: AIL Paciente Mieloma and IMF
  • Debut of Asia Pacific Multiple Myeloma Expert Roundtable
  • Report from Norway and Denmark

Support Groups

  • IMF’S Websites Help Support Groups Reach Patients
  • IMF Launches New Veterans Website

7th Annual Comedy Celebration

Member Events

  • First Annual 5K Draws a Crowd Ready for Miracles

Staff Updates

  • New IMF Team Members

News & Notes

  • Once Again IMF Scores Highest Rating from Charity Navigator

2014 IMF Calendar of Events

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