Myeloma Manager

Welcome to the Myeloma Manager™ Personal Care Assistant™. We are pleased to be able to offer this software, designed specifically for patients and caregivers battling multiple myeloma. The Myeloma Manager™ was developed by the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) to help patients and caregivers deal with the growing glut of information and constantly increasing complexity of myeloma treatment programs. It runs on the user's computer and stores all personal data on the user's computer. None of the user's data is transmitted to anyone. Access to the Myeloma Manager™ is password protected and the data is encrypted (scrambled) so that it cannot be accessed from outside of the Myeloma Manager™.

At its core, the Myeloma Manager™ provides a tool to capture laboratory results and display and print tables and charts to show how those results change over time. Other features include automatic backup of your data each time you shut down the program, calendars, and graph features such as plotting multiple tests on one graph and time-scaled graphs. The software also includes real-time news feeds from the IMF web site and a reference shelf, with links to useful publications and web pages.

At this time, the Myeloma Manager™ is available for Windows computers running XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8.  If you would like help with this, please contact us at [email protected]

We hope that you will find it useful. As this software is the first product of its kind, we very much look forward to your feedback and suggestions. You can help us identify problems that we need to fix as well as understanding what we can do to make the software more valuable for myeloma patients and caregivers.

Download the Myeloma Manager™ Personal Care Assistant™

Download the Myeloma Manager Manual

Please note that sometimes, after downloading and trying to run the installer, users may get a message saying that it "is not a valid Win32 application." This means that the download did not complete. When this happens, we can provide you with an alternative download link that should solve the problem. Please contact us at [email protected]We will then arrange to have the link sent to you.

Please note that this program will not run on a Mac.  The program download is about 80MB, so it may take a while to download.


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