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With Your Help, We Will Find a Cure

Learn about how you can get involved to support the multiple myeloma community. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, the IMF relies on your gifts to continue growing and improving our core programs and research initiatives. We offer many avenues for you to give, from monetary charitable contributions to volunteer opportunities.

If you cannot give a monetarily, we encourage you to learn about volunteer fundraising opportunities — from hosting cozy tea parties to organizing large-scale marathons.

To take a more hands-on approach to give back to the multiple myeloma community, our advocacy department works with individuals like you to speak out on issues that affect myeloma patients, families, caregivers, and health care professionals. We have many divisions, including those that work on the U.S. federal- and state-level, as well as globally.

We invite you to get involved today to TAKE ACTION in any of these ways and more!
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Donate to Find the Cure
Your donation allows us to continue to fund efforts to search for a cure. With your help, we are closer than ever.
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Create a Fundraiser
Apply your skills by creating or joining a fundraising campaign.
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Be an Advocate
Be an advocate for multiple Myeloma and the research to end it.

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Visit here regularly to learn about the latest IMF events globally and in your neighborhood.

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