4th Annual Chek Fest Golf Outing

...about Scott Kowalczyk (Chek)

He was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma Dec, 2012. 
Scott had several months of chemo and
 a stem cell transplant in May of 2013. 
Fall 2016 treatment began again and he plans to have another
stem cell transplant June of 2017.
Scott firmly believes that celebrating life together
and raising money for a cure is a perfect combination.

IMF research supports the development of new drug therapies.
These therapies have helped prolong
lives, but myeloma continues to be an incurable

Your support will help fund research that could
possibly find a cure for this disease.

Contact Scott at
(616) 485-4359

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All proceeds to benefit the IMF, providing education and research dollars to help myeloma patients and their families