Brian G.M. Durie Outstanding Achievement Award

The Brian G.M. Durie Outstanding Achievement Award will be presented on June 12, 2018, for the first time ever. Named for IMF Chairman Dr. Brian Durie, this award recognizes excellence in myeloma research. Dr. Durie is also the Medical Director for AMyC and Specialist in Multiple Myeloma and Related Disorders for Cedars-Sinai Outpatient Cancer Center in Los Angeles, California. He is Co-Chair of the Myeloma Committee for SWOG.

This Year’s Recipient:

Sigurdur Yngvi Kristinsson, MD

Dr. Sigurdur Yngvi Kristinsson, Professor of Hematology at the University of Iceland and specialist in internal medicine and hematology at the Landspitali University Hospital in Iceland, is the recipient of the inaugural Brian G.M. Durie Outstanding Achievement Award.  Dr. Kristinsson serves as principal investigator for Iceland Screens, Treats, or Prevents Multiple Myeloma (iStopMM®), a population-based MGUS and multiple myeloma screening study. He has led several large population-based myeloma studies in collaboration with major research centers and is a frequent speaker at international hematology conferences.

 “Myeloma patients around the world have benefited—and will continue to benefit—from the important research contributions made by Dr. Kristinsson,” said Dr. Durie. “His work brings us closer to finding the pathway to a cure.”