Nurse Leadership Board

  • The Nurse Leadership Board (NLB) is a professional partnership that represents nurse experts caring for myeloma patients. The NLB develops consensus publications, symposia, multimedia, and research.

In 2006, the IMF founded the Nurse Leadership Board® as a professional partnership to rep­resent nurse experts caring for myeloma patients at leading medical centers. The NLB is improving the nurs­ing care and self-care of patients with myeloma via consensus publi­cations, symposia, multimedia, and research.

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Written by the IMF Nurse Leadership Board, these tools and manuscripts have been published in prestigious medical journals.

Get a front row seat to NLB presentations at Oncology Nursing Society annual meetings. Watch NLB members address issues that are important to nurses as well as myeloma patients and caregivers.

The NLB is made up of nurses from leading centers treating myeloma patients in the US. Their mission is to develop broad recommendations for nursing care for myeloma patients.